Other Corporate Governance Services

More governance support

While the Governance Improvement Tool adds real value to your organisation, our support doesn’t end there.  We also offer additional governance services to help you run your organisation more effectively:

Assistance with implementing your Governance Action Plan

Rely on our corporate governance expertise for support to implement your Governance Action Plan

Help with Drafting Quality Templates and Documentation

Whether it’s Board standing orders, a governance handbook, a scheme of delegation, sub-committee terms of reference, templates for Board minutes/agenda, a conflicts of interest policy or a Code of Conduct – our professional expertise is always available to help you produce quality templates and documentation

Governance Reviews

You may need a one-on-one governance review or a follow up on a past review – let us help you with the process

Conflicts of Interest

Actual or perceived conflicts of interest (and other contentious governance issues) may arise at any point and you need to be prepared - we will help you devise a solution to deal with your challenges

Board Structures

We can help you to review your Board structures and accountability arrangements - something that every charity should undertake periodically

Board Training

Whether you need induction training or ongoing training for Trustees on their roles and responsibilities – we will ensure that everybody gets on board fast

Board Workshops

We can also facilitate Board effectiveness workshops, strategic planning workshops, Board Away Days etc.


To learn about our other governance support services in more detail, please contact us here or at info@howgoodisyourgovernance.com