Governance Improvement Tool

5 Steps to Better Governance


Now you can improve the governance of your organisation in 5 simple steps:

1.  Register online – you only need to enter some basic details to get you started

2.  Complete the Governance Improvement Tool – work collaboratively with your board to answer 120+ easy-to-follow questions about your current governance arrangements

3.  Generate your Governance Report and SMART Action Plan – after completing the questionnaire, you can immediately generate the actions that you need to improve your governance

4.  Populate and modify your Action Plan – personalise your actions according to ‘who’, ‘what’ and ‘by when’ or add some actions specific to your organisation

5.  Present the Governance Report and SMART Action Plan to your Board – once approved, you can immediately start working to improve your governance

Watch this short corporate governance video where Professor Clark CBE explains the 5 simple steps to better governance and see how you can improve governance in your organisation today

How Our Governance Improvement Tool Works

You can start your journey to better governance today – with a comprehensive review of your governance arrangements in the following critical areas:

  • Strategic leadership and performance
  • Legal and compliance
  • Board effectiveness and development
  • Audit, risk and financial management
  • Exercising effective control
  • Behaving with integrity
  • Openness and accountability

This adds tremendous value because you:

Save money – the cost is significantly less than hiring consultants

Save time – your online Report and SMART Action Plan is generated instantly

Use it easily – the questions are in plain English that can be easily understood

Complete at your own pace – there is no rush at all; complete it in a few hours, a day, or weeks, whatever you prefer

Get reassurance – key stakeholders are assured that you are committed to complying with the highest governance standards

Benchmark your governance against the highest standards – your governance arrangements are measured against sector best practice

Have online access to an interactive tool – complete it with your board team, bringing everyone together for this critical exercise

Register today to begin your journey to better governance. If you need assistance, please contact us by e-mail at or call us on +44 2890 773008 / +44 7713 550727.


And remember... better governance is not a one-off event!  Your board should undertake a review of governance arrangements at least every two years.  

Watch Professor Frank Clark CBE on the importance of good governance in charities.